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Study Guide for Exam 3

Study Guide for Exam 3 - Cultural differences Situational...

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PSYC 430  Study Guide for Exam 3 Questions will also come from related readings from Cialdini. Specific areas of focus will be  posted Monday afternoon. Ch 7  In class I mentioned you could ignore p 242 through end of chapter; however the material that  corresponds with lectures/powerpoints will be covered – everything else you can ignore… Interpersonal attraction Proximity Propinquity Need for  Affiliation Mere exposure effect Propinquity Atta chment styles (also refer to research from your notes) Halo effect (see Cialdini) Ignore info on Maximization vs equalization (slides) Loneliness (refer to notes related to slides) Ch 8 Conformity (including Asch’s research, gender differences Individuality Personal control and conformity
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Unformatted text preview: Cultural differences Situational norms Descriptive vs injunctive norms Normative focus theory Normative vs informational social influence Minority influence Compliance techniques: Foot-in-the-door Lowball Door-in-the-face That’s not-all Research on obedience (know the facts related to Milgram’s study, including % of people who obeyed to the end Why destructive obedience occurs Resistance to destructive obedience Ch 9 Altruism Negative state relief hypothesis Empathic joy hypothesis Empathic altruism hypothesis Egoistic vs altruistic helping Sanchez’ research on gender differences Empathy-altruism hypothesis and Batson’s studies The bystander effect Obstacles to helping Increasing altruistic behavior Moral hypocrisy vs Moral integrity...
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Study Guide for Exam 3 - Cultural differences Situational...

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