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Hist 112 Exam 1 Review The exam will consist of three parts: 30 multiple choice questions (2 points each), 5 term identifications (5 points each) and 5 short answer questions (3 points each). Term Bank: In preparing for the Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Identification, you need to use lecture notes & presentations, and America: A Narrative History . Presidential Reconstruction Congressional/Radical Reconstruction Andrew Johnson Black Codes 13th Amendment 14th Amendment 15th Amendment Reconstruction Act 1867 Compromise of 1877 The Lost Cause The Freedman's Bureau fixed-rate tenants share tenants sharecroppers The Redeemers convict leasing New South Creed New South industry methods of disfranchisement Jim Crow Plessy V. Ferguson Booker T. Washington WEB DuBoise Transcontinental Railroad Homestead Act 1862 Sitting Bull Chief Joseph Geronimo Native American society
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Unformatted text preview: Western industry/economy Western agriculture Reservation policies WNIA IRA Carlisle School Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 Frontier Thesis Wounded Knee Edward Curtis Industrialization Late 19th Century Technology Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration Robber Barons Social Darwinism Andrew Carnegie Gospel of Wealth Industrial labor conditions Knights of Labor AFL Homestead Strike of 1892 Pullman Strike of 1894 dumbbell tenaments vertical and horizontal growth Saloon Culture Urban growth political machines(The Boss system) voter fraud and graft Late 19th century advertising and mass consumerism tariff civil service reform Populism/Populist Party Grover Cleveland William McKinley William J. Bryan money question Agrarian Revolt Gilded Age Politics women's suffrage late 19th century popular culture...
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