Imperialism (outline) 2010

Imperialism (outline) 2010 - Burden” III. The Debate Over...

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Imperialism Imperialism, from Empire: An extensive territory ( esp. an aggregate of many separate states) under the sway of an emperor or supreme ruler. I. From Isolationism to International Activism a. Formal Imperialism b.Informal Imperialism i. Sphere of Influence II. Motives for Imperialism a. Economic i. Example of Latin America b.Strategic Interests i. The Influence of Sea Power Upon History —Alfred T. Mahan (1890) c. America’s Civilizing Mission d.Racist Ideologies i. Rudyard Kipling’s “The White Man’s
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Unformatted text preview: Burden” III. The Debate Over Imperialism IV. Expansion in the Pacific a. Alaska and Samoa b.Hawaii V. Spanish-American War a. Cuba b.Philippines VI. East Asia a. China and the Open Door b.Boxer Rebellion VII. Fostering Imperialism in American Culture a. Journalism b.Music c. Political Cartoons VIII. Theodore Roosevelt a. Rough Riders b.Foreign Policy i. Roosevelt Corollary ii. Big Stick Diplomacy iii. Panama Canal...
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Imperialism (outline) 2010 - Burden” III. The Debate Over...

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