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I. The End of the Civil War a. Physical Cost b. Economics c. Innovation d. The End of Slavery i. Emancipation Proclamation applied to areas of the Confederacy outside Union control ii. African Americans enter the Union Army and Navy iii. Impact of Military Service on Reconstruction
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II.The Battle over Reconstruction A. Presidential Reconstruction 1. Lincoln a) Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction (1863) 2. Johnson a) Background b) Proclamation of Amnesty (1865) 3. Congressional Reconstruction a) Congress is motivated to act because:
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Unformatted text preview: (1)Pardoning system utterly ineffective (2)The Black Codes (3)Johnson’s disregard for congress b) Congressional Reconstruction Begins (1) 14 th Amendment (1866) (2)The Reconstruction Act (1867) (3) The 15 th Amendment (1869) II. Reconstruction: Its Accomplishments and Undoing A. The Republican Record. B. Southern White Retaliation 1. Secret Societies 2. Semi-Military Organizations C. Loss of Political and Northern Support for Reconstruction D. The Compromise of 1877...
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Recon_lecture_o1_over - (1)Pardoning system utterly...

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