SportsPhotos - Sports Photography By Rich Glickstein Cover sports like you cover news because there is a story to everything Emotion action is

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Unformatted text preview: Sports Photography By Rich Glickstein 9/22/08 Cover sports like you cover news, because there is a story to everything. Emotion- action is nothing without emotion- emotion is nothing without faces and/or body language- faces or body language are nothing if you can’t see them- excitement comes from emotion- sports pictures should be exciting and emotional- life is a vicious circle 90 percent preparation…comes from knowing:- your sport, subject, team, coaches, players- try to think like a coach…what plays would you call?- Positioning yourself to make the best pictures possible considering emotional content- Always have a picture goal in mind. If you meet it, great. If something else comes out of it and you’re ready, that’s the 10 percent luck…which leads to 10 percent luck…comes from:- being in the right place at the right time with the right lens up to your face- properly anticipating what’s going on out on the field- knowing how people react to things emotionally and being smart enough to look for it...
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