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ital 121 quiz 4 review 08

ital 121 quiz 4 review 08 - • Piccolo tema Your writing...

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ITALIANO 121 Review for Quiz 4 2008 Cari studenti, fate attenzione! The following list of topics and exercises in Prego! comprise your review. There will be a key posted by Thursday. Please do the following assignments in Prego! and pay attention to each topic listed, in order to prepare for the quiz: VOCABOLARIO : A. p. 161;exercise will be matching, Italian to English. L’imperfetto : C. 165; D, E 167-168; A,C,D p. 173 Suffissi :A, B,C p. 172
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Unformatted text preview: • Piccolo tema: Your writing assignment will be the Scrivere assignment on p. 175. You will not need to use the trapassato , but you will need to use the imperfetto, passato prossimo, and at least 5 different vocabulary words from Capitolo 8. • Read the Curiosità reading on p. 175, and La TV italiana on p. 168. Be prepared to answer questions on both (the readings will be available to consult at the time of the quiz.)...
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