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reflexives, object pronouns

reflexives, object pronouns - I mi arrabbio ti arrabbi si...

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I. REFLEXIVES: arrabbiarsi (to get angry) mi arrabbio ti arrabbi si arrabbia ci arrabbiamo vi arrabbiate si arrabbiano mettersi (to put on clothes) mi metto ti metti si mette ci mettiamo vi mettete si mettono divertirsi (to enjoy oneself) mi diverto ti diverti si diverte ci divertiamo vi divertite si divertono addormentarsi (to fall asleep) vestirsi (to get dressed) lavarsi (to wash oneself) rilassarsi (to relax) riposarsi (to lie down or rest) preoccuparsi (di)(to worry about) annoiarsi (to get bored) sbagliarsi (to make a mistake) fermarsi (to stop oneself) diplomarsi (to graduate H.S.) laurearsi (to graduate college) truccarsi (to put on make-up) chiamarsi (to call oneself) sposarsi (to get married) innamorarsi (to fall in love) radersi; farsi la barba (f.; m.: to shave) sentirsi (to feel) ricordarsi; dimenticarsi (to remember; to forget) aiutarsi* (to help each other) conoscersci *(to meet each other) vedersi *(to see each other) abbracciarsi * (to hug) baciarsi* (to kiss) salutarsi* (to greet each other) guardarsi * (to look at each other) innamorarsi* (to fall in love) incontrarsi* (to get together, meet) spogliarsi (to undress) pettinarsi (to comb your hair) farsi il bagno (to take a bath) lamentarsi (di) guardarsi allo specchio (tolook at yourself in the mirror)
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