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Stephen Falvo Professor Boyle UCWR 110 12/10/2010 The 2002 film, Catch Me If You Can , staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Walken, is a movie based on the real life accounts of Frank Abagnale. With the use of cinematography, director Steven Spielberg shows us how one man could not run from his problems even with the smarts and ambitions that Frank had. With the use of camera angles, camera shots, juxtaposition and symbolism, Spielberg helped illuminate his theme throughout the entire film. Catch Me If You Can is a story about how one troubled boy can no longer take the troubles he has at home and how he spent nearly the next two years of his life faking whom he really was. Janusz Kaminsk, the one who is credited with the cinematography, did a great job of shooting all of the different jobs and lives that Frank Abagnale lived. Kaminsk did an excellent job of finding the best way to shoot Frank when he as living his first life as an airline pilot for Pan AM airlines. It all began with a scene that was showing Frank as he stood outside of the bank right after they denied him business. As Frank leaves the building, we get a shot that is shot entirely in slow motion, of an airline pilot getting out of a car with a group of beautiful sturdiest. The camera then zooms in on Franks face to show us that all of this has caught his attention. The next shot is shot form behind the pilot and his crew with Frank in the background looking on at them in astonishment. This shot alone shows us what Frank’s next plan is going to be. Here the director is showing
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CatchMeIfYouCan - Stephen Falvo Professor Boyle UCWR 110...

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