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11 - Ineffability(metaphysical claim o Vs...

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Rowe’s Q: Is there a reality designated by Hick’s expression “the Real”? Rowe’s Chief Difficulty: He cannot see how “the Real” can avoid having one or the other of two contradictory properties. o Personal and Non-personal Hick’s “real” is neither ^ Epistemological = what we know o Vs. Metaphysical – character of reality itself A. Skeptical Position a. Can also include the idea that we just don’t know B. Dogmatic/Particularistic o Inclusivist o Exclusivist Hick’s says that Rowe’s concern is “misleading” o ^ Hick’s response to “Rowe’s Chief Difficulty”
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Unformatted text preview: Ineffability (metaphysical claim) o Vs. Unknowable (epistemological claim) Tolstoy’s Confession: Four Interrelated Themes 1. The reality of suffering 2. The inevitability of death 3. The meaning of life 4. The existence of God Questions when reading “Tolstoy’s Confession”: 1. How does the reality of death/suffering lead to a problem about life’s meaning? 2. What is the connection for Tolstoy between God’s existence/character and meaning? 3. What kind of meaning is he longing for? a. Is he looking for merely an intellectual explanation or answer?...
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