08 - Internal Structure

08 - Internal Structure - 1.PlateTectonicsandBoundaries...

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1 Landform Geography: Earth’s Internal Processes (Ch. 14) Lecture 8: 4 February Lecture outline: 1. Plate Tectonics and Plate Boundaries 2 Volcanism Next : 9 Feb: Exam 1 2. Volcanism 3. Diastrophism – Folding and Faulting 4. Earthquakes Make sure to review: Focus Section–Mount St. Helens (p. 431) People and the Environment – Monitoring Volcanic Hazards (p. 442) People and the Environment – Earthquake Forecasting (p. 453) Plate Tectonics Lithosphere comprises several floating (moving) plates Three major plate boundaries: 1) divergent; 2) convergent; 3) transform 1. Plate Tectonics and Boundaries 1) Divergent Spreading ‐‐ new crust created Movie: http://www.indiana.edu/~g103/G103/week11/diverg.mov 1. Plate Tectonics and Boundaries 2) Convergent A. Oceanic continental ocean subducts; ocean trench; volcanoes; destructional B. Oceanic oceanic oceanic subducts; oceanic trench; volcanic island arc; destructional 1. Plate Tectonics and Boundaries C. Continental continental both plates rise; mountain range Figure 14.14
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08 - Internal Structure - 1.PlateTectonicsandBoundaries...

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