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University of Florida Department of Decision and Information Sciences MAN 4504: Operations and Supply Chain Management Spring 2011 Instructor : Adam B. Munson, PhD Office: 358 STZ Phone: (352) 846-1496 Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 6th and 7th period Teaching Assistants: Office Hours TBD Lauren Atcheson: Head TA Laz Bello Jeremy Jeffery Bryan Miletch Website : The course website is maintained on Sakai which can be accessed through Please login to the system for syllabus, class communication, class notes, grades, updates to this document, etc. Text : Operations Management, Tenth Edition Jay Heizer and Berry Render, Prentice Hall ISBN-13: 978-0-13-611941-8 Goals : This course provides an introduction to the concepts and applications of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. Operations management is the design of the system that develops outputs and then produces outputs by transforming input recourses into outputs (both products and services) and the management of this system. Supply chain management is the management of the material flow from the suppliers through the customers. This course is a survey of some of the major decision tools and methods of operations and supply chain management. Critical Dates and Schedule: Details regarding the course contents, critical deadlines, etc. can be found in a separate document called “Schedule”, which will be updated from time to time, and will be found on the class website. Assurance of Learning:   Each program at the Warrington College of Business Administration has developed goals and objectives that express the most valued skills and knowledge that students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of the total learning experiences in that program. The following goals and objectives are specific to MAN 4504.
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The ISOM program goals and objectives that apply to this course are: Apply appropriate problem solving and decision-making skills to: 1) Specify and implement a framework for identifying a business problem and develop alternative solutions and a set of evaluation criteria. 2) Assess the outcomes of a course of action and make appropriate adjustments.
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MAN+4504+Syllabus+Spring+2011 - University of Florida...

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