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GEB+3373+Syllabus+spring+2011 - GEB 3373 International...

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GEB 3373 International Business Spring 2011 Dr. Roy L. Crum Office: 309D Stuzin Hall Phone: (352) 392-0115 (use email instead of voice mail to contact instructor—see next line) Email: [email protected] Live Class Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 1 st and 2 nd periods, STZ 104 Instructor Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3 rd and 4 th periods. Teaching Assistants TA Office: The TAs office is in the 4 th floor stacks of Bryan Hall The teaching assistants will hold office hours each week in the 4 th floor stacks of Bryan Hall. The schedule for office hours will be posted on the class website during the first week of classes. You are encouraged to meet with the TAs whenever you have a question about the book or the lectures. That will help you understand the material better and it will also help us to ensure that the material is presented clearly to facilitate understanding. The TAs will also screen all emails to the class website and pass on to the instructor questions that only he can answer. Course Prerequisites MAN 3025 Principles of Management MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing FIN 3403 Business Finance The course has been designed and will be taught assuming that you are familiar with the concepts and terminology presented in these prerequisite courses. Equivalent courses used as substitutes must be approved by the College’s Undergraduate Programs Office, STZ 267, phone: 273-0165. Textbook International Business , Warrington School of Business Administration, Peng/Crum This is a custom textbook that incorporates chapters from Global Business by Peng, materials from Fundamentals of International Finance by Crum, Brigham, and Houston, and a preface written by Crum. The custom textbook is available from the bookstores as a loose-leaf printed book. The price of this text at the bookstore is approximately $115.95. Be aware that the bookstores WILL NOT buy this book back. The other alternative is to buy the book as an e-book. If you buy a printed access card with a PIN from the bookstore, the price will be around $64.95. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from the publisher for $57.98. To buy the book from the publisher, go to www.cengagebrain.com , search for ISBN 111175165X, and follow the instructions. If you are like me and really want a hard copy, you can always print out the e-book. 1
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GEB 3373 International Business Spring 2011 Course Materials Available Within the Class Website 1. PowerPoint slides for GEB 3373. We highly recommend that you copy the PowerPoint slides and study them prior to listening to a lecture on the material. Many times the instructor will cover a topic not in the textbook, or will present it in a different way than in the textbook, so the PowerPoint slides will serve as a supplement to the book. You are responsible for everything in the PowerPoint slides on exams.
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GEB+3373+Syllabus+spring+2011 - GEB 3373 International...

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