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Mystery Kathy’s disappearance from the cabin on Lake of the Woods is the central mystery plot of the novel. One morning John wakes to find her gone, with only vague half-memories of the previous night. Search crews look for Kathy everywhere, including on and around the property they Wades had rented, but nothing is ever found. This is a mystery that will go unsolved, with O’Brien titling several chapters “Hypothesis,” projecting guesses about Kathy’s whereabouts. The disappearance of John’s wife isn’t the only mystery left unsolved in the book. John’s own involvement in the disappearance, the true nature of their marriage, and John’s mental stability
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Unformatted text preview: all raise more questions than answers through the novel. It is a book of wondering, guessing, and trying to discern the different between appearances and reality. That is why it is fitting, it would seem, that John Wade was a magician, nicknamed Sorcerer while in the army. Mystery surrounds the Wades and the novel, continually keeping the reader questioning and thinking about possibilities and what the ambiguity of the novel means. Overall, In the Lake of the Woods is a dense, foggy, compelling novel, full of “hypothesis” and what-ifs....
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