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Special Essay 1 - Ryan Wisneski August 30, 2010 AML3311...

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Ryan Wisneski August 30, 2010 AML3311 Special Essay #1 In the movie Braveheart Mel Gibson plays, William Wallace, a Scottish warrior who leads a militia against King Edward I, in the First War for Scottish independence. In this text the director’s main focus is to entertain, while also depicting the Scottish struggle for independence from the English tyrant. In the early scenes of this movie, war is immediately evident, but some underlying events of rape and primae noctis, the lord’s right to have a virgin on her wedding night before she is with her husband, sets the scene for William Wallace to lead his small militia against the English rule. The effects of rape and murder take a toll on Wallace, and by comparing the text to, Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman, we are able to analyze how survivors must cope with such disturbing events. The concept of rape in the movie, although subtle, is the reason why William Wallace chooses to fight, which originally, is simply an act of revenge. Wallace’s wife, Murron, is murdered after it is found out they married in secret so that she would not have to be with an English lord. This happens after her attempted rape by a solider goes awry and her throat is slit in the middle of the town to serve as a message to all. In this case the victim that has to live with the traumatic event becomes Wallace, and it is evident that he feels an extreme guilt for
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Special Essay 1 - Ryan Wisneski August 30, 2010 AML3311...

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