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Special Essay 3

Special Essay 3 - Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 Due November 22nd...

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Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 Due: November 22 nd , 2010 Special Essay #3 In war there are many events that cannot be captured fully when translating certain circumstances into a movie, novel, or other form of writing like poetry. This is the case in many attempts to portray conflict and war through different mediums of communication; with failure resulting in the validity of the situation. However, the Oscar winning movie The Hurt Locker by director Kathryn Bigelow and the war experience Brian Turner portrays through his poetry are two such forms that truly capture the strains and brutality of war in gripping detail. In both of these pieces the soldiers feelings and mental stability can truly be seen in great detail as well as the danger that they face waking up in the morning in enemy territory. In the poetry of Brian Turner the diction and syntax combine to create an extremely clear view of the life of a soldier and not only the risk that they face each day but the strain that this job puts on their emotional well being. We see this strain throughout Turner’s works with such phrases like, “Sgt. Gutierrez didn’t comfort an injured man who cupped pieces of his friend’s brain in his hands”. With this line we can see into Gutierrez’s mind as he has no emotion towards a comrade who has just been blown to bits and another soldier who is holding what is left of the man’s brain matter. To see such gory and intense scenes of death all around with such
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