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Novel Essay 3 - Ryan Wisneski AML3311 Due: October 1, 2010...

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Ryan Wisneski AML3311 Due: October 1, 2010 Novel Essay #3: The Shawl In the novel by Cynthia Ozick entitled The Shawl, the reader is taken on a two part journey through the life of Rosa Lublin, a Polish woman we follow first, during the holocaust while in a concentration camp, then thirty years later as she lives her life in the United States. In the first part of her life we find Rosa, taking care of her infant daughter, Magda, as well as her fourteen year old niece, Stella. Through the development of these stories we can see the effects of the trauma on these women by their actions both during the event and then years later when they take completely different approaches to living with or ultimately being able to move on from the suffering they encountered. Both women seem to address their situations in drastically different ways, both during their time in the concentration camps and years later as one tries to move on and the other embraces the only life she had. The way Rosa lives with the trauma she suffers and even worse, the tragedy she faces, is the most outstanding as she develops a religion out of the shawl in a form of idolization. In the first part of the book, The Shawl, Rosa must take care of her niece while also hiding her daughter in a ‘magic’ shawl that serves to keep her from being noticed by the Nazi guards. She is forced to go almost completely without food for the sake of the two young children and it gets to the point that she does not produce milk for Magda anymore from lack of nutrition. The corner of the shawl takes over providing nutrients to the young child, saving Magda as long as the shawl is with her. “It was a magic shawl, it could nourish an infant for three days and three nights”(Ozick). Rosa struggles with the thoughts of survival for her young daughter, who has since her imprisonment been undetected by any guards and would certainly be killed if she was detected. This shawl however is seen as a savior by Rosa as she knows Madga should be dead by now but this magic shawl has kept her alive by hiding her in her arms as well as feeding her. This horrifying thought of death becomes a reality when Magda’s shawl is taken from her, then sequentially so is her young life. This instant death that is associated with the separation from the shawl also works to
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Novel Essay 3 - Ryan Wisneski AML3311 Due: October 1, 2010...

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