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Poetry Essay 5

Poetry Essay 5 - Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 November 29th 2010...

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Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 November 29 th , 2010 Poetry Essay #5 In the poems of Matthew Zapruder entitled Twenty Poems for Noelle we see the author portraying life in New York City after the tragic day in which the twin towers collapsed, September 11 th , 2001. Zapruder uses this poetry to try to relate the change that has come over the city as a whole, referring to many aspects of life throughout his poems. These individual poems, from the book titled The Pajamist, all act independently and address the normalities of life instead of the destruction that the city has seen. In most of the poems there is no mention of the collapse of the Twin Towers and, without guidance, the reader would not be able to understand the content of these pieces through the less than clear syntax used by Zapruder. This passive voice that Zapruder uses in these poems is somewhat extreme to consider the event that these poems center upon was an unfathomable tragedy. This restraint is almost too
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