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Special Essay 2 - Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 November 10th 2010...

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Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 November 10 th , 2010 Special Essay #2 In Margaret Mead’s novel, And Keep Your Powder Dry we take a deeper look into chapter nine entitled, The Chip on the Shoulder, where a comparison is made between the ways in which people handle aggression and how children are raised to deal with their aggression. This chapter takes on the form of a compare and contrast essay between aggression in the American character and how the same aggression is seen and taught by the English. We are also shown through this chapter how aggression is handled by America as a country with respect to war and international conflict. This chapter really captures the vast differences between these two cultures and by looking at current situations we can identify how these ideas of aggression have changed in some respected in the past sixty years but also how they have remained extremely similar. When we look at this text and see how Americans are described as handling aggression Mead writes, “Aggression in the American character is seen as response rather than primary behavior”. This signifies our view towards aggression as a society and the aggression that Americans exert in the most needed of times, those at war. The old idea of placing a chip on our shoulder, as a country, and waiting for someone to come around, thinking they are man enough to take us down, and knock the chip off, thus provoking us to fight and in a sense giving us a good reason to fight, as we were not the ones to start the initial confrontation. We take an
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Special Essay 2 - Ryan Wisneski AML 3311 November 10th 2010...

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