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Powerpoints - K m?oiypesafide Synthesis at the Ribasome 1...

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Unformatted text preview: / K m ?oiypesafide Synthesis at the Ribasome 1.; MW binds to "aminoacyi {A} site" of the flbosome WWW " 2.} Peptida 10am RNA in "peptidyl 1P) sits“ cements C-termlnus of peptide with awn‘noqmup a! AA-JIRNA in Asia 3.) «charged tRNA leaves P-site H a/Amwm 4.1mm moves by one under: ' placing peptide 103de {RNA ima P-site 5.) New AAARNA binds in A-sih W mam man“ What Wakes Star}, Sign: and "readingaframea" of this process 7 m mafia fumes of {be same mRNA sequence remit in different poiypegfide sequences: ...
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