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SCAN0002 - Polypeptide Synthesis at the Ribosome 1 AA-tRNA...

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Unformatted text preview: Polypeptide Synthesis at the Ribosome 1.) AA-tRNA binds to "amlnoacyl (A) site" of the ribosome z) Peptide loaded tRNA in "peptidyl (P) site" connects c-terminus of peptide with awamino‘group of AA-tRNA in A-site 3.} decharged tRNA leaves Pnsite 4.} Ribosome moves by one codon placing peptide loaded tRNAinto P-site 5.} New M-tRNA binds to A-site dlmcflmnfmmne Wmnflim What determines Start.‘Siap--and "reading frame" of this process ? Different reading frames of the same mRNA sequence result in different poiypapiide sequences: /'\\ ...
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