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SCAN0006 - it M M Bacterial Energy Transduction 82 How do...

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Unformatted text preview: it M M Bacterial Energy Transduction 82 - How do cells extract energy from environment and store as ATP? - Three Maior Drains of ATP in cells: 1 . MOtlllty ( chime hole) 2. Synthesis of macromolecules. (WWW ”‘U’JLll‘lW/‘U; 3. Transport of nutrients into cell. (6W afimusl mmnm WW) - Energy Conservation 1. Substrate-level hos hi?) 2. Electron-Trans ort Krebs (1850) Mitchell (1974) A A red Bred re Bred 4; CLU‘r’Yllng-xi Wig» ab MWSFUH nfl flinfiwsisié ATP AOX Box on Bax lb? ATP Thermodynamic electron transport ...
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