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SCAN0014 - 2 Construct a Generic Bacterial Cell Synthesize...

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Unformatted text preview: /\ 2) Construct a Generic Bacterial Cell Synthesize a lipid molecule (recall, lipids are one of 4 main cell components), starting with a special type of carboxylic acid, a fatty acithk):( pmluspmpluk shunt , (1&an mime“) - Recall, fatty acids have the general structure acid grwp , Where n is any integer (n = 12 - 24) (WV/waft n :7 m4: ) hydrocarbon chain mam grams: n Link 2 FA’s and one phosphate group to glycerol via condensation TXhI (Q) (AnWlmi IZWS) @61th a (in flsgihsi‘iégg 57 ...
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