ExamPrep271F10 - Study Guide for Final Exam, POLSC 271,...

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Study Guide for Final Exam, POLSC 271, Fall 2010 [Last edited 12-8-10] Dear Students in 271: Study Guide for the Final Exam in POLSC 271 So that you can have everything in a single file, I am including both the final set of long-essay questions and a list of potential short-essay items. If any of you find errors or incorrect page references and notify me, I will email the correction to my class list. Office Hours and Contacts During Exams and Next Year Since regularly scheduled office hours end with the last classes on Friday, Dec 10, let me note that I will be available in my office (HW 1720) on Tuesday, Dec 14, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. I will not hold office hours on other days. Thus, Tuesday, Dec 14 is the last chance to meet me in office hours. Because I will be teaching the Hunter Education Abroad course in Brazil in January, I will not be available again until the Spring 2011 semester begins. I will try to check my email while I’m in Brazil, but right now I can’t know for sure that my access will be easy. If you need to reach me after the course ends, let me remind you that, even though my courses last only a semester, my numbered inboxes are forever. Without a course number in the subject line, I am not likely to find email from you. After the last class session, you can slip your term papers under my office door. There is less chance of a mix-up if you leave papers under my door than if you leave them in the department office. Final Exam Format and Rules The final exam will take place in our classroom, HW 1729, on Tuesday, December 21, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Please note that this exam is scheduled for a DIFFERENT TIME from our usual class time. When I teach two different sections of the same course, I usually allow students to request permission to take the exam with the other section, i.e., day-session students may take the exam with the evening-session class, and vice versa, provided that enough seats are available for switchers. In Fall 2010, however, I am teaching only a day-session section of 271, so there is no other exam to switch to. Please take bathroom breaks before the exam begins. If you must leave the room, however, please leave your exam booklet with me before you step out and then pick it up from me when you return. When you finish the exam, please slip your exam sheet into the exam booklet before handing it in. If you bring the permitted sheet of notes to the exam, you must also slip that into your booklet. ExamPrep271F10, p. 1 [Last edited, 12-8-10]
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I encourage students to team up in study groups to prepare for exams. Team collaboration in preparation is encouraged, but team-written essays are of course a violation of college policies on academic honesty and are subject to the penalties prescribed. Remember that the first cellular phone to ring during the exam loses 10 percent, the second one 20
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2011 for the course POLSC 271 taught by Professor Erickson during the Fall '10 term at CUNY Hunter.

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ExamPrep271F10 - Study Guide for Final Exam, POLSC 271,...

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