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MidTermPrep271F10 [Study guide before mid-term exam. Last updated: 10-28-10] POLSC 271, Fall 2010 Prof. K. P. Erickson Dear Students in International Politics in the Americas: Here is a list of terms and concepts that might come up on the mid-term exam on November 5. You are responsible for the readings on the original syllabus through Oct. 19, i.e., the Smith book plus those readings on Bb assigned through that date. If any of you spot typos or apparent errors in this version, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can post corrections. The exam will take only 30 minutes. The exam will be given by a proctor while I will be attending a conference out of town. The exam itself will begin at 2:20 p.m., so that everyone will be there and ready to start at the same time. It will end at 2:50. Please come on time. The instructions on the exam will state : Read through the entire exam sheet before beginning to write. Please write on every other line (double space). You will have 30 minutes to write. You may not use notes when you take the mid-term exam. The first cellular phone or other electronic device to ring during the exam loses 10 percent, the second one 20 percent, and so on. In a 30-minute exam, no one may leave and then reenter the classroom. Identify briefly 4 of the following 5 concepts, processes, or institutions, each in a short essay of a few paragraphs. Show the relevance of the process, concept, or institution to political analysis and/or to our understanding of international politics in the Americas, making clear the logic of your analysis and illustrating appropriately. Please write on every other line (double space).
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2011 for the course POLSC 271 taught by Professor Erickson during the Fall '10 term at CUNY Hunter.

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MidTermPrep271F10 - MidTermPrep271F10 [Study guide before...

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