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NtCovertActionInChile1975 [Last edited 11-18-08] [Downloaded from: http://www.fas.org/irp/ops/policy/church-chile.htm ] [The copy from fas.org was missing pp. 41-50, so I copied into this file the missing text from the following website: <http://foia.state.gov/Reports/ChurchReport.asp> ] [This file is more a lengthy set of excerpts from “Covert Action” than a set of notes. Most of these are verbatim, made by deleting most of the original file.] The original must have been scanned from a printed document, because there were many typos. I corrected the ones I found. -kpe] [Seymour Hersh, The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House , 1983, has good chapter on the US in the overthrow of Allende.] COVERT ACTION IN CHILE 1963-1973 ----------------------------------------------- STAFF REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE TO STUDY GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS WITH RESPECT TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES ----------------------------------------------- UNITED STATES SENATE ----------------------------------------------- Printed for the use of the Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities -------------------------------------------------- U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE Washington: 1975 -------------------------------------------------- PREFACE The purpose of the report is to lay out the basis facts of covert action in Chile to enable the Committee to hold public hearings. This report’s analysis of past actions is intended to serve as a basis for formulating recommendations for the future. It is based on an extensive review of documents of the Central Intelligence NtCovertActionInChile1975b, p. 1
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, the Department of State and Defense, and the National Security Council; and on testimony by officials and former officials. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVERT ACTION IN CHILE: 1963-1973 I. Overview and Background A. Overview: Cover Action in Chile Covert United States involvement was extensive and continuous. CIA spent three million dollars to influence the 1964 Chilean presidential elections. [The Valenzuelas note that “…the CIA contributed $1.20 per Chilean voter to the anti-left propaganda effort, over twice as much as the 54 cents per U.S. voter that Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater jointly spent in their own presidential campaigns that year.” 4 th ed, 512.] Eight million dollars was spent, covertly, between 1970 and the military coup in September 1973. What was "covert action," and how did it fit into the clandestine activities undertaken by the CIA, which include: 1. Covert action, 2. Clandestine intelligence collection, 3. Liaison with local police and intelligence services, and 4. Counterintelligence. NtCovertActionInChile1975b, p. 2
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NtCovertActionInChile1975b_Pt16 - NtCovertActionInChile1975...

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