After Class - Pages from Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 38-47

After Class - Pages from Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 38-47 -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1& Risks in the ntal Process )o and pme evelo ... ftoft the nonen of concePtioit tlerelol)' t e t k i flle,tced b:t co ttihtio l, e.anotti' sodat, dad otrtrit ftrtt s iThese la.torl pui.le rhe stt of cilcuttstl .es, or cottreat for derelopfle t. These .it.lltntincts l dr', i nggregnte, gt enllt Protide flor .rl adrai toge, loat airanlnge, ot high odwntage .. the greotet the prcsen e of poonr- oh'Mtagiflg ci.umnolws, t|'e mor. oternll de1'elop't1enl is put ar rkk: the greotet the Presene of hishll adrdntigingcit.uustatrc.s, the,we tlLe lro t ise fot oleutll dewlotnent h..rlnr ol lhis rhlptcr is to co sidr najor L, .rrd .n\irornrentil contt\ts of .l.\.l,rrmirt lrith an unthisb or) risksto lhe i'.hrl r,f.rl r:.i,..n.h.losicJ Nell btnrg of ]llltli \\'. ' 1:'r' l..triir:: .:.,: .r:rr i r,:. rDJ rlr to.irli.lllrLrel .oD rl'\t\.. ii.'. r_::.: : I]]\i:i rrLfr.tur is prordcd, Iirh rr rlllr.r.: ':r .'.:; : .r.priis rle Drnrlinflrr ef(..f l-.cir.r\ r,,ril .1i.r i:i. Brain and Nervous System BRArN DEVELoPTvTE NT; BloLoGY nuo Exprn trnct The d.\..k pnrent oi thc lruin an.l ncr \orLs slat.Ll is arguabLy among tlie mosr ixs.iiatirlg ol,tll .lev.lof rcntrl pro.csss. NILLTLT cl i groNth is biological1l g'rided, bur dre r uorce of erpcricnce ncrea;cs .\tr tim. iCrosmin cl al.. l00il. l'h. Lr$\.11s 'rstcnr begiDs 1o dereloP sLrortl-v rlier conccprjon rrLr.D a 8,oup oi.clls.rlled thc neu ril date tLri(kens, fokls triaLd, rnd lorms the ncLrral tulre. lh. rafidl-! dcycloting ..Lli n)l.qrile to ri"'r lo.dlions, ird Dru.h oi Lh. bisi. nructue ol the brinr is .omplered bilor. l,irth ilr r more or lcss ti\cd seqner... Th. brriD contrins nillions of *P yrrtrre rells. rhc rl rr .11.. Jnd nrnu llat e.e sP('_ .i.lizcd to tirnntii inrfuls.s lLithnr thc neffous slat.Dr !ni t('.:n,l lio.r .ther bodr parts These cells .oDti!u. r., l..i!nr. ,rre conplex, intercoLl c.ted. ,rd i!r.rin,r.rl !r1o rne idoL.scc|t,verrs hnd to r l.$.r i\l.r)I.l.D htcrr. lhe bnirl c\.ess oi ir.!r,r. rnd .onncclioni, apllr'entlr settiig itself :t8 E Chaptr j lnfluerces and Risks in the Developmental process 39-:, 1o lrmre tleaililitr: Dillerenl pafr ol rhc braj. ::ielop iD *Dts Dlorc rapidh than others, rDd the ':rl.n is relited ro fun.rioning. Thus, arc.s thii ,ni(,1 voluntsn morime.r groi subsr. rrirllf dur l' .,oh.ed i. .omplex thilliDg develops nrro the,rdo, ::...1 lcarsi \rith st!rLs p. rN o..urrinq ar :nDd rgcs 6, 10, aid clrlr idolescerlcc iA.deron :: rl..:0011. Thc derelopn)cnl ol the f.r\ous srsrem hrs .u shorLn to dcpcnd,even beturcL,ifth, o. rhcjnr.r .ron .r biol.,gical |Ilgrrmrnxrg dd expcrlcrce. : :d..rr;.|ed orrironmerrs dcrcLop lr ^ .I i' :lj reer.d jn sjnple ef\irDn.Drs iHolhtl.ld & rrbrc$, l99ll. Lrperl.rc. rL'o shrpes rhc br.rir br dr n a.. to be rhc otFxiie ot : ),,1h br pnning..r chrnrating, rnnetderl cclls :: o|..tions lor e\.LIPI., in the rrcas ol :::j,ril thit are cenlrrlt(rrisnr arcJral.edtr prun : rlich apperrs lo r.quire e\frricD.e nilh trr...
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After Class - Pages from Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 38-47 -...

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