After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 4 pp 73-93

After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 4 pp 73-93 - ii human...

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Unformatted text preview: ii human furctioning, behavior and development. Although common sense tells us much about behavior, s.ierce atus to go beyond commor sense to systematjc, reliable, and ac.uate knowledge. The generll purpose of science is io describe and explatu phcnonena. Th word scicflce cones from ihe LatiD word for "knowledge," or "to know," but refers to knowl- edge gained by particular methods of inquiry. we miShr knoiv the world liom reading literature or listening to niusic, but we would not consider knohleds' srir'ed :' hi' h"y ro bc ..ienr 'i. knowledge. ScieDtific undrst.Dding dedves from systematic formulatioD of a problen1, observation and collection of data, and interpretation of find' illgs by i{hat is corNidered acceptable procdures. Despite some m;sgivings d1d even warnings of danger-about the scientific study of hunans, we have come to value vhat science can tell us about sychology and other disciplines are commit ted to the view that science can provide the nost co plete and valid information about Fundamentals of Research As we havc alrcady seen, nany questions relevart to dvelopmental psychopathology fa11 iurder the fol lolYing general categories: . what is the nature of normal and abnomal . Wlat demographic factors (e.g., age, gendea social class) are associared rvith specific disoders? . How do behavioral disorders change over time? . What processcs or mechanisns undeLlie vadous behaviorai disturbalces? ' What caNes psychopathology? . lvhat puts youngsters at risk for psychopathology, and what protects tbem +om it? . How can disordered behavior be effectiv+ treated Of course, drese general qlrestions are trans' formed into coundess more specific queries. To answer them, ir is sometimes necessary only to descdbe 72 _- r':... \r .an .onnt the nuDrbq ol .ases ol ,1..,,",.,1.- . (in.r, it is neccss.ry to dererrnil. rhe exa.r tr\ Dder \rhich a phenom. oD occurs and ' Ll ^l ll" ' ".I rrl; : r:::er and to Lre able to 1)rcdicl behxrjor. : lre also sc.n tliit rese.tchers rarell ilcyer, | ,. r,1 " rl q r''l .,, I ., .rnd bv their oillr nclinations. Th(' .r:. ind esuDrpiid)s guide rcscirrh goels, iJ' ,.,r , ... .t.n ' :::i there is ahra\s rt lexst a rouch of sub ec ,.d .rertil,in in the toslng of reserrch :. Dd in decidrrg ho$'besi lo srek insnrs. rr"r'r""r'li. I " Hr', .r r rrl. in rhat it t.Dds t. blild lino$'ledgc srr : :rr 1 rathcr tliaD hif|az.rrdll An) ofc nrrsti lt..r.r'. r.: tr! resc.rchcn isk ! laricrr olquesrio s.Id : :lrhcscs, tlicr irork jn a lidefi of scllir1gs,-::om thc D.tL! al enl.inrnin.nrs oft]]e hom. or .rr rncorctj instead, it pnrvides evidcnce l.r- ::i the hrpothes(. hr trrn, ahvtothcsisthat is : ::rl s.rves ds elidcLlcc iar the r..rirtr.1' rn.l ::rl s.rves ds elidcLlcc iar the a..uF.! rid .:: rr toNer of th( nD.Lerlriiq th.orr: A failed : ...ij. in .onirnst, scry.s to dlspr^e,li'nii, or r.lir',r : !r.e scicrtili( unde.standDg....
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After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 4 pp 73-93 - ii human...

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