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After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 51-72

After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 51-72 - Chapter 3...

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Chapter 3 lnfluences and Risks in the Developmental Process 51 d ). t. rf 'g :d g- nd ed lels ies. domains of overlapping, transactioml environm€n !,1jnfluenc€s or Estems. (Ecolosy refen to thc inter relationship of organisms and their eDviroDnent.J I rgu-e t a p'e.cfl. )c \.o\ n $1, J' ur uirg 'ociocrltural nrilueDces can be represeDted. Thc .hild is surrounded by three contexts-family, com nunity, cultural/societal each of which consisF.f irructures. insLitutions, values, ru]cs, and other asp<L!. , ., i, fl ,n.e o"\'lno ae ,te rroh\ i :he figure enphasize the poteDtial iiteractions dong tle systens. Thus, lor er(ample, the young !..r both is infl enced by and infuences peers, who aa' inf:tuence aDd be influenced by the child's par- rts and the school. ID gencral, we rlould expect :ro\imal contets the iDrer circles to have rela- n€lv more djrect inipnct on the youngster lt rvould dso be anticipated diat the inportance of anv one :omain wouldvary with the devclopmental level of re individual, an obvio s *anple being family :2tluences ftom infancy into adolescenc€. Tlis :odel will serve as a backdrop for discussion of -lect aspects of sociocultural jnflueDces on and :rik to dev€lopment. Family Context, Maltreatment, and Divorce ln all societies, the fanily has b"en considered a mnjoa if rot the Drajor, influence on ine detdop' ment of ]'olltl (Maccob,, 1992j Steil.l00l'. Iamih i Jrr du.ins.hidhood ar a trm< when developmental malleabilit\ is high, and ir mav erdurc over the entire life spm. The fmilr has dai|r direct intenction with ch;ldren, md it plars ar jmportaDt role in m€diating and moderatins more distal coDtexts. It is th€refore not surprisin-g that . ril) ir e J..i. '. .r'Lcrure dnd rold c.or"n,i. sratus. and attitudes and values consliture a crucial contet $'ithin ivliich no.mal and disordered behav ior develop. Poor parenting practices, parental psy chopathology, and narital conflin are linked to nienlal health problems in childhood. Reseirch shows thai the fm 1 n nost aptrc priat€ly vicwed as a conplex, intencting rystcn.Ior exaDlple, the childt relationship with a parenl ma-v be aff€cted by the wel being ofthe other parett or
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52 1 Chapter3 lnfluences and Risks in the Developmertal Process I I I b! t," ,..:. .hJc,. .ee ,\.J I nr./Fg.Du L '",8r \rorFn ro. u ) a P r" l: I childrer and each other, bur yourgste ako inllu e..trr- i L''''ror '"-', '1. r: l'r'' not to sry thai thc parent-child rclatioDshil is sY1n metricalDarentssclectficseninssinwhich children a".' op ntro .( " r'"'i' goo4. Frr lr' .. ,o. r.r.ond o\ee' r.rl'(,1,' 'l'Jj' thdn their.hildr€r (Mrccoby, 1992) ThLrs Prrcrts h^er. rr'fpor, '.r 'I rflu"' ! hFi rr' no li PARENT'CHILD RELATIONSHIPS Parenting Stytes. Th€ qualitl of the lelationship beti{cen tare|ts and th€il offspring, beginning $'ith errlv attachment, isbeli€vedto bc crucial lo dev€Lop m€nt and rdjustnent One are. of
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After Class - Wicks-Nelson Ch. 3 pp 51-72 - Chapter 3...

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