Chapter 14 Notes

Chapter 14 Notes - G lobal Encounters Religious Upheavals...

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Chapter 14 I. The first phase: Portuguese explorations A. Began with explorations of the West African coast 1. Sponsored by Prince Henry the Navigator 2. Seemed an extension of the Crusades B. Portuguese “achievements” 1. 1487-1488 Vasco da Gama went around the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) and got to Calicut, India 2. New consumer crazes: a. Sugar (cultivated on Cape Verde islands by slaves from Africa) b. Porcelain (produced in China) C. Slavery well known before the 16 th century 1. 13 th c illustration by al-Wasiti of Maquamat (stories about an adventurer) showing a slave market in Yemen a. different kind of slavery: it was not racialized D. 15 th c Valencia, Spain 1. a microcosm of slavery in the West Muslim, Eastern European, and black African slaves were bought and sold with the justification that they were “captives of war” a. slaves in domestic service b. used to farm and do menial labor E. What is new about 16 th c slavery? 1. Almost exclusively black African 2. Scale 3. Labor in gangs rather than alongside non-slaves (as in 15 th c Valencia) 4. Racialized—in 15 th c Valencia slaves could get their freedom; they could go to court against harsh masters (although they’d rarely win) but racialized slavery theorized black slaves as pieces F. Diving up the Americas 1. Spain and Portugal at first a. Soon joined by the Dutch, English, French, and Swedish 2. Historical Significance?
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a. The history of the Americas is tied to Europe and its history b. The Americas themselves become “heirs of the Roman Empire” II. From Religious Reform…to breaking with the Catholic Church
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Chapter 14 Notes - G lobal Encounters Religious Upheavals...

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