psych 421- notes #11 - First blush of...

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Zeitgeist in America: - End of the 19 th century ( 1800’s), focus is on: - Individual, independence - Practical, useful - U.S is ripe for “functional psychology”-> study of living people as they adapt to their environment., - Psychology should be a practical science- let’s solve problems and understand people better. - Use any methodology that is useful. William James (1842-1910):- - He was born in New York City to extremely wealthy parents. - His brother is Henry James ( a writer). - He had early expose to the world- traveled the world to be educated. - Artistic career? He realized that he was not talented enough. - He attended Harvard medical school- he went to Brazil and came back to finish. - He then has an illness and life crisis- his first act was to believe in free will: he discovers Wundt in 1867.- and that was the beginning of pragmatism-> doing what works - Wilhelm Wundt is considered #1 in psychology history and William James in considered #2. -
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psych 421- notes #11 - First blush of...

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