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psych 421- notes #14 - T he outgrowth of functionalism...

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The outgrowth of functionalism: Applied psychology: Granville Stanley Hall (1844-1924):- He was born in Massachusetts; his father was educated farmer; his mother was religious school teacher He finished seminary (religious) school but he was devout evolutionist. He met William James as Harvard University He earned his PhD in psychology in U.S; he then went to Germany and studied with Wundt; he was Wundt’s first American student He took a position at John Hopkins, Clark University Hall:- one of the first applied psychologists..he’s associated with educational, developmental psychology. - He’s called Genetic psychologist because he said-> genes affects psychology. - He did questionnaire studies of children. He focused also on adolescence – he was the first to use this term. - He came up with recapitulation theory:- children’s development repeats the life history of the human race.
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- Infants/child savagery-> adult rationality, sophistication.
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