psych 421- notes #15 - Beginnings of clinical psychology in...

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Beginnings of clinical psychology in America: Historical treatment of mentally ill Early view- mental ill is possessed by evil spirits- treatment was torture, execution. Starting 18 th century: mental illness was seen as irrational behavior, physical causes ( medical, somatic model ( illness within the body). Explosion after WWI in clinical psychology Lots of psychological difficulties- many to fund for clinical psychology There was a demand for means in 1945 Other applied areas: - Functionalist spirit p er m e at e d - Industrial organizational psychology- who should we hire, who should be a leader, e tc - Influenc e of WWI a nd WWII h elped dictat e what IO psychologists do. - Design e quipm e nt with features that fit people bett er - Psychological testing The next wave: - Behaviorism:- Setting the stage:- Behaviorism started as a revolt. They’re armed with ideas against what came before them- revolt against structuralism and functionalism. It started during the 1910’s- they said who cares about elements or function of consciousness. John B. Watson (student of Angell) – leader of Behaviorism:- - He said psychology should b e observable be h aviors - Observe be h avior a nd se e what stimuli prec e d e d it
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psych 421- notes #15 - Beginnings of clinical psychology in...

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