Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Organizational Culture 11:05 PM...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15: Organizational Culture 2/16/11 11:05 PM organizational culture = a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations • set of key characteristics that the org. values o innovation and risk taking o attention to detail o outcome orientation o people orientation o team orientation o aggressiveness o stability -org. culture is descriptive, whereas job satisfaction is evaluative TYPES OF CULTURES • numerous cultures • dominant culture = the core values that are shared by a majority of the organization’s members • subcultures = develop in large orgs to reflect common problems, situations, or experiences that members face • strong cultures = the organization’s core values are both intensely held and widely shared o lower employee turnover o builds cohesiveness, loyalty and commitment o can be a substitute for formalization FUNCTIONS OF CULTURES • boundary defining role- distinctions between orgs. • conveys sense of identity for members • facilitates the generation of commitment to something larger than one’s individual self interest • enhances the stability of the social system • defines rules of the game shared meaning ensures everyone is pointed in the same direction • company selects employees who will maintain the image they seek BARRIERS TO CHANGE •...
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Organizational Culture 11:05 PM...

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