Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Chapter 14: Foundations of Organization...

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Chapter 14: Foundations of Organization Structure 2/16/11 11:0 organizational structure = how job tasks are formally divided, grouped and coordinated 6 key elements in the design : WORK SPECIALIZATION o =division of labor, the defree to which activities in the organ are subdivided into separate jobs employee skills at a task increase success through repetition also less costly to find workers to do that task DEPARTMENTALIZATION o =basis by which jobs are grouped together most popular way grouped by function efficient bc grouping ppl of like specializations grouping products together advantage bc all placed under the direction of one manager also by process, geography and customer CHAIN OF COMMAND o =an unbroken line of authority that extends from the top of the organization to the lowest echelon and clarifies who reports to whom authority=the rights inherent in a managerial position to give orders and expect the orders to be obeyed unity-of-command=states that a person should have one and only one superior to whom that person is directly responsible substantially less important today organ. moving toward empowering employees
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Chapter 14 - Chapter 14: Foundations of Organization...

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