Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Perception and Individual Decision Making...

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Perception and Individual Decision Making Perception = a process by which individuals organize and interpret their impression in order to give meaning to their environment world is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important Factors That Influence Perception : Perceiver = interpretation is heavily influenced by the personal characteristics of the individual perceiver Target = characteristics of the target we observe can affect what we perceive o targets are not looked at in isolation target in relationship to its background Situation = context in which we see objects or events is important Attribution Theory = when observe individual’s behavior attempt to determine whether it was internally or externally caused Distinctiveness = whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations—is this behavior unusual? if no internal/if yes external Consensus = when everyone who faces a similar situation responds in the same way/ when one person diff can conclude behavior is internal Consistency = does the person respond the same way over time? fundamental attribution error= underestimate external factor influence and overestimate internal/personal factor Self-serving bias = overestimate external factors, and attribute own success to internal
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Chapter 3 - Perception and Individual Decision Making...

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