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18th Century Intro

18th Century Intro - 18th Century-Lifestyle Gilded Age get...

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18 th Century-Lifestyle Gilded Age “get rich quick” era Great social change Corruption and party strife due to greed Agrarian to urban nation Patronage and trusts Economic growth o Rapid industrialization, urbanization, construction of transcontinental railroads, innovation in science and technology, rise of big business o Obsessed with production Outcome o Most of the growth to the upper elite and large companies o Individuals didn’t have too many rights Blacks lost many advances they had made after the civil war o Gilded Age not golden age because of surface was shiny and improving and underneath was many rotten problems festering Different Perspectives Puritan ethic-work hard and with God you an get ahead “help those who help themselves” philosophy o gov’t shouldn’t invest in programs for the poor because poor had no positive impact on financial health o the rich were hardworking HENRY WARD BEECHER o
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