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18th century-Lifestyle - 18th century-Lifestyle Addressing...

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18 th century-Lifestyle Addressing Poverty Late 19 th century many felt poverty (mid class reformers) cam from lack of morals and self discipline Relief efforts on improving morality rather than addressing the low wages and bad conditions of work and home “Americanize” the poor immigrants-rid them of customs that were offensive or impractical organizations were for children mainly YMCA YWCA 1880 Salvation Army: food, shelter, morality JANE ADDAMS 1880s Believed providing education and opportunity was important than preaching morality 1889-Hull House-Chicago poor immigrants they aimed to help kindergarten, day nursery, employment bureau Urban Life Tenements Blacks and immigrants Main housing in slums/ghettos Nativism Nativists: Americans descended primarily from Irish and Germany immigrants (but not just them) Believed that the southern and eastern European immigrants would not be able to assimilate into American society Saw them illiterate, poor, unable to learn English, little experience of living democratic society
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18th century-Lifestyle - 18th century-Lifestyle Addressing...

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