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Lifestyles during the 19th century

Lifestyles during the 19th century - Lifestyles during the...

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Lifestyles during the 19 th century o Washington Roebling, chief engineer, became a victim of bends (double over in pain) o Brooklyn Bridge-was a symbol of the industrial might of the US, labor of the nation’s immigrants, ingenuity and genius of its engineers and investors, rise of iron and steel, urban America o Horace Greenly, NY editor “We cannot all live in cities, yet nearly all seem determined to do so.” o Global migration: rise of the city The city widened the gap between the rich and poor o Three geographic locations: industrial, agricultural and rural and third world o Between 1850-1920: 25 million immigrants-east from Asia,, south from Canada, north from Latin America, west of Europe o 1880 immigrants were from northern and western Europe with Germans, Irish, English, and Scandinavians o then it shifted to southern and eastern Europe o 1896 immigrants were Italians, Hungarians, eastern Europe, Jews, Turks, Armenians, Poles, Russians, and other Slavic people o “old” immigrants: pioneer settlers o
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