Industrial-Unions - Industrial/Unions POPULIST PARTY...

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Industrial/Unions POPULIST PARTY Founded by members of Farmer’s Alliance Also got support from urban laborers Supported policies that would create inflation, making debts easier to pay off and raising crop prices 1892 election didn’t do well Panic of 1893 Three years later, unemployment went up, strikes increased, and the party grew Opposed Cleveland Didn’t like how he dealt with Morgan and other industries in the bailout (lent $62 million to gov’t in return for US bonds) They saw him as pro-business republican who didn’t care for the poor So in 1896, joined with democratic party in supporting William Jennings Bryan Republicans: William McKinley Ran for pro-business platform and supported high protective tariffs 6 years earlier, he was a rep in congress and went for the McKinley Tariff (1890) protective tariff-50% increase so that’s how he won because he got the support from big businesses-Morgan, Rockefeller once elected (two terms) depression eased prosperity returned slowly
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Industrial-Unions - Industrial/Unions POPULIST PARTY...

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