People’s Party

People’s Party - Peoples Party populist...

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People’s Party populist party (people’s party)-political alliance of the AFL, Woman’s Christian Temperance Union didn’t want laissez-faire economics-wanted the federal government to play a more active to ensure greater economic equity in industrial America eastern commercial banks committed to gold standard-railroad system was unfair as it drove up the price of land in the west, farmers were allowed to charge high freight prices in the South, lack of currency and credit drove farmers to the stopgap credit system of the crop lien resulted into “vast pawn shop”, creditors “furnishing merchants” 1870’s farmers supported Grange and Greenback Labor Party Farmers’ Alliance-land sharks and horse thieves fought Northwestern farmer’s alliance-active in Kansas, Nebraska, and Midwest Granger states Radical Southern farmers alliance started in Texas and grew crazily o Southern alliance reached out to blacks, women, and industrial workers Colored Farmers’ Alliance-black group founded in Texas-blacks and
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People’s Party - Peoples Party populist...

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