The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age - The Gilded Age o The Gilded Age get rich...

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The Gilded Age o The Gilded Age: “get rich quick” era-corruption and party strife o Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) saw the corruption of business and politics during Grant’s administration-saw that people can buy/bribe congress o Twain “era of incredible rottenness” o Charles Dudley Warner and Twain: gold with corruption o He tried to get rich but the Paige typesetting was a failure Promise of wealth led as many to ruin as to riches o Rise of industrialism contributed to the Gilded Age Problem: rich and poor gap Problem: rise of big business Problem: economic and political issue o Cleveland earned the reputation for his honest dealings against Blaine, who was tainted with charges of corruption o After the civil war, industries started to become more developed and transform the economy Iron to steel (led to oil refining to electric light/power) o First big business: railroads 1869: transcontinental Union Pacific and Central Pacific (at Promontory Point, Utah) o created new markets in the west to the nation’s economy 1850: Great Britain and Germany-established network but not for France Russia grew the most but in the late century with India Allowed countries to grow in other industries o Jay Gould: followed the expansion of the railway system and notorious speculator Bought first railroad and later made a big profit Operated on the stock market, threatened competitors which prohibited them from gaining profit Based on buying and selling stock not using railroads as a form of transportation o Communication revolution: telegraph which replaced the Pony Express (Samuel F. B. Morris) Gould controlled Western Union, monopoly o Andrew Carnegie: biggest steel business (directly from railroad business) Scottish immigrant, lived in NY Henry Bessemer: found way to build cheap steel Generous man, focused on manufacturing o Helped US a world power (naval fleet)
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The Gilded Age - The Gilded Age o The Gilded Age get rich...

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