Perplexities of Populism

Perplexities of Populism - Perplexities of Populism o So...

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Perplexities of Populism o So far, we’ve talked about the political tensions after the civil war Gospel of success, labor violence artificial political conflict Moral issues Immigrants Protestant culture Intellectual shock-protestant Upper middle class Neurosis Technological speed up Society was building o Utopians and dystopian novels o Utopian: happy future o “Wizard of Oz” book-or 1930 book, “Wicked” agrarian protest populist movement frank was born upstate new York later in Chicago, he hit the depression and sympathized with the poor in Kansas, a cyclone separates the munch gins… meets various people, tin man (symbolized the oppressed labor)-doesn’t have a heart, scarecrow (symbolized farmer) hoping for a brain, cowardly lion (William Bryan) yellow brick (gold) road wizard was the con man wizard sends them (Dorothy and the gang) westward wicked which of the west sends them …. When Dorothy rejects the west, she gets rid of the witch with water “symbol” We must all pay for everything we get Dorothy returned to emerald city Allegory rotting the mind of children changing them to socialist Or some liberal allegory Or at least shows the turning point o Edward Bellamy-became advocate “Jesus is a guy” “Darwin is okay” Joined theoretical liberals Advocated “religion of solitary”-love of human beings is Christianity
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o 1887-Boston-Julian West, nervous, insomnia gets cured and sleeps for 15 years Dr. Leete, from his beautiful daughter Looking backward-to see the vast changes; high buildings Social change that Julian discusses with the dr.-Capitalism has disappeared from social evolution Industries was not run by the people but rather from the government Everyone worked for the giant (one) corporation Worked at the patriotic duty not profit Jobs depended on intelligence/aptitude Not salary Salaries did not vary Credit cards with credit on it More than enough to go around There was security Social order 2000 social order was based on new system-solidarism worked hard but not for wealth; common good Americans behaved in the fashion of civil war soldiers Worked for one another for loyalty and patriotism, not for greed Returned to 1887-bad dream and discovered Edeth was the fiancé he had before he went to deep sleep o Bellman view was the oddest we have heard Worked for social benefit not for wealth despite the quality of
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Perplexities of Populism - Perplexities of Populism o So...

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