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Progressive Era - Progressive Era Progressivism Political...

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Progressive Era Progressivism Political movement that attempted to fix the ill during Gilded Age believed gov’t needed to be strong, proactive role, regulating big business, immigration and urban growth Tried to control big business, combat corruption, free the gov’t from special interests, protect right of consumers, workers, immigrants, and poor the reason for the corrupt gov’t was because of the Gilded Age o didn’t want to disrupt the fragile balance and peace between the North and South, Republican and Democrat o voter increase was b/c of machine party politics rise of big business and large migration of Americans from countryside to cities caused a shift in political awareness people felt the need to address the growing economic and social problems that developed along with the urban boom Efficiency (coined in engineering and science) o Science was applied to social problems o In society it means… MUNICIPAL REFORM-Lincoln Stephens ( o Less democratic o SULLIVAN-supporter of woman’s suffrage o CHARLES MURPHEY-Tammany hall o HEARST-writer o We will examine the buzz worth o Humanity care of progressivism o Attempt to regulate big business Organized Labor National Labor Union formed after Civil War Workers created the union to protect skilled and unskilled workers but collapsed after the 1873 Depression Knights of Labor represented skilled and unskilled workers and blacks and women o Group was folded after Haymarket Square Bombing Workers continued to strike or temporarily stop working for better wages, hours and condition o Great Railroad Strike o Homestead Strike o Pullman Strike These all ended violently American Federation of Labor Urbanization and Immigration
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Many farmers moved to the cities where it was filled with skyscrapers, electric trolleys, light bulbs
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Progressive Era - Progressive Era Progressivism Political...

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