The 1960s

The 1960s - The 1960s A. Democrat presidents tried to bring...

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Unformatted text preview: The 1960s A. Democrat presidents tried to bring about the liberal social reforms that were hallmarks of their partys philosophy B. Civil rights movement led by MLK Jr. was successful-1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 voting rights act 1. Movement gained massive public support and helped convince the nation of the power of social action C. Cold War continued throughout the decade and nearly erupted in nuclear war-Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 1. Anxieties/concerns of Soviet domination in Asia led to buildup of American forces in Vietnam and Vietnam War 2. Antiwar movement a. Lost 50,000 lives D. 1960s time of dramatic social engagement and action 1. civil rights and antiwar movements + women rights movement E. Domestic Policies of 1960s 1. 1961-democrats control of White house until 1969 2. JKF administration and the New Frontier at Home a. Won over Nixon in 1960 b. Promised a New Frontier for America-encompassing reform at home and victory in Cold War o Assembled group of young techocrats and politically savvy advisers c. His image as dynamic and successful leader was unable to push his plans for social welfare reform through Congress, where he faced opposing coalition of Republicans and southern democrats d. his plans: increase federal aid in education, urban renewal, govt provided medical care went unrealized e. primary achievements: raising min age and 1961 Peace Corp establishment-created to send volunteer teachers, health care workers, and engineers to 3 rd world countries f. Rachel Carson Silent Spring-1962-exposed environmental hazards of pesticide DDT o Clean Air Act-1963 o 1960-Clean War Act time when federal government became invested in environmental matters g. Nov 22, 1963-JFK assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, TC 3. LBJ and the Great Society a. Civil Rights Act of 1962-outlawed segregation in public accommodations b. Voting Rights Act-suspend literacy tests o Black voters doubled c. Great Society-program that envision end to poverty, provide healthcare to all, increase spending on education, achieve racial equality o War on Poverty o pushed for a wide array of social legislation o 1963-Economic Opportunity Act-young Americans with job training and created volunteer network devoted to social work and education in poor areas o 1965-Medical Care Act-Medicare/Medicaid o failed because enormity of task o undermined by a shift in the federal governments focus from...
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The 1960s - The 1960s A. Democrat presidents tried to bring...

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