The 1970s

The 1970s - The 1970s-2000 A Cold war varied in intensity...

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The 1970s-2000 A. Cold war varied in intensity during this period; dominated foreign policy throughout and influenced domestic policy 1. Ended 1989-fall of Soviet a. World stage changed dramatically; US interest ceased to be so easily defined because there no longer was a huge entity to oppose o Debate on maintaining the international policeman role 2. US went boom and bust cycle-shifted political party in presidency B. Richard Nixon 1. Elected 1968 a. Representative as “silent majority”-label to designate American citizens who grown tired of progressive reforms, student protests, racial integration of schools b. Democrats blocked conservative efforts 2. Conservatism appeal a. Opposed racial integration, denounced liberal Supreme Court, promised return to order, stability and decency in America b. Scaled back to progressive reforms o Pulled US troops o Focused on détente 3. Vietnamization of the Vietnam War and Détente a. Secretary of State-Henry Kissinger o Veitnamize (de-Americanize) Reducing US forces from 500,000 in 1968 to 30,000 in 1972 Nixon doctrine-pledged a change in the US role in the third world from military protector to helpful partner o Send Kissinger to N. Vietnam to negotiate treaty o Authorize massive bombing campaign-March 1969 (Kent State were in response to bombing in Cambodia) b. Paris Accords-Jan 1973-settled terms of US withdrawal-ended war with US and North Vietnam but left things unsettled with S and N Vietnam o 58,000 died, 300,000 wounded c. this three part plan achieved détente-easing tensions o 1972-Nixon visited China for publicized tour and meeting with Mao Zedong d. May 19720-Nixon went to Moscow-signed Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I)-limited superpower to 200 antiballistic missiles and set quotas for intercontinental and submarine missiles o Symbol of hope for cooperation between the two powers 4. Watergate a. 1972 campaign-Nixon created Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP) b. June-were caught breaking into Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Office complex in DC to plan bugs o Massive cover up began with him saying no one in his administration was involved in the break-in
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o Attempts to destroy paperwork and bribe key individuals were exposed o Washington Post Reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward unmasked the Nixon administration corruption and attempted cover-
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The 1970s - The 1970s-2000 A Cold war varied in intensity...

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