Expansionism - Imperialism American industrialization...

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Imperialism American industrialization needed foreign markets to buy and sell goods Economic expansion o Opening markets through expansion rather than military involvement o President McKinley wanted increase in exposure in foreign markets and shifted to more militaristic and imperialistic policy US won Spanish-American War giving US an empire and marked US as the world power US had little in the area of foreign expansion Except for Alaska from Russia in 1867 Factory system developed and industrial output soared European countries were using military presence in Africa US began to open production sites and markets in Latin America McKinley and Imperialism 1867 elected aggressive foreign policy pro-business and supported military intervention and US acquiring foreign land rather than developing commercial markets abroad Spanish-American War Nationalist rebels in Cuba were resisting Spanish rule since 1895 Americans sympathized with the rebels because of the new
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Expansionism - Imperialism American industrialization...

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