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Chemistry in Living Things

Chemistry in Living Things - o Molecules in phospholipid...

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Chemistry of Living Things 2/17/11 11:50 PM 1 Biochem: chem of living things and life processes Cell: structural unit of all living organisms Cells are specific to the function of the particular tissue Parts of the cell: Chem composition, structure and function Cell nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane: phospholipid bilayer, selective permeability Phospholipids: constituents of cell membranes Basic structure o Charged head o Hydrocarbon tail o Simplified representation of a phospholipid molecule o Charged head interacts with water: hydrophilic o Hydrophobic tails
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Unformatted text preview: o Molecules in phospholipid later are not bonded, just touching each other Membrane • Channel • Receptors Proteins • Long chains of amino acids • Side chain: combination of C H and sometimes O N or S determines the ID of the amino acid Formation of a peptide bond (condensation reaction) Protein of structure • Primary structure: sequence of amino acids • Secondary structure: three-dimensional arrangement of chains (alpha helix and beta sheet) and random coil • Tertiary structure: spatial relationships of amino acid units...
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