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Waring 1 Elijah Waring 11/15/2010 Pols-4402-01 Prof. Merrell A Critique of the Unprecedented It is well acknowledged belief in the school of political thought that politics is the study of power. Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many a bright philosopher and esteemed thinker that have developed models on how to best distribute political power and thus deal with scarcity and conflict. Arguably the most successful democratic model used today is that of the United States. The forefathers of this nation built on the ideas of many highly regarded thinkers of the past in order to create a society for the people and by the people. The American model has been looked upon as an example of success by countless developing countries who aspire to be like this great nation. However, it is not perfect. The brilliance of democracy lies within its pluralistic tendencies. It is a constant struggle between different factions within a nation to implement the ideals which they deem is best for their nations’ people. As time passes the electorate of the United States elects or reelects representatives to take the helm of leadership. 2008 marked a major milestone in the history of the United States. The people elected this nation’s first African American President, Barack Obama. The year 2010 marked the halfway point in Obama’s Presidency as well as the democratic parties’ ascension to power following the 2008 elections. During this short time the United States has seen its worse economic state since the Great Depression. While unemployment hovers at nine percent(Latest), and America is currently fighting two wars, the leaders and people of this nation have been tested like never before. These Unprecedented times have led to the implementation of the most fundamental legislation since that of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. As the people of this nation once critiqued the legislation and leadership of old, the same must be done now.
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Waring 2 When one attempts to critique a political party, it can be confusing to decide which indicators are most important. It is only fair to begin this critique by reviewing some of the accomplishments of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party. When one strictly considers the ability of this parties leadership to carry out an agenda, the Democratic party has been very successful. This can be attributed largely to the Obama’s 63% job approval rating at the start of his term and the Democratic Party’s majority in both houses of congress (Real Clear Politics). In his first two years as president, Mr. Obama has passed momentous legislation has and will change America forever. When Mr. Obama was campaigning during the 2008 election one of the primary issues he
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Homework - Waring 1 Elijah Waring Pols-4402-01 Prof Merrell...

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