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SCAN0002 - 63 Repeat experiment with fluoursect tag alone...

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Unformatted text preview: 63 - Repeat experiment with fluoursect tag alone in H2 0 (i. e. no phospholipid): 1—001 sec r \l-ww gawk oLei (cell membrane is 1OOX more viscous than H20): .,.:..W‘I“‘“I'€* Membrane fIUldlty OLIVE OIL Phopsholipid diffusion' In outer leaflet. x) ow». .I 9W I2» I‘/ _. m»lri.s‘s€: F5. 1: — 1 86C. Igmméw (SW that; ) Transverse outer-to—inner leaflet 1: = 109 sec (12 days, i. e., never happens). 3”” Omit,” am; am an anew; £33,101“? @Fluid Mosaic Model = membrane is highly ordered 2-D fluid in which membrane components diffuse freely, but... OPTIU‘IL “(Imps {2‘ «m 4am: ‘2 who pmlcm a acts; “few lmuliad at» I kaim < EU57QZA \Nb EEECT ( , MW ...
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