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SCAN0034 - (f ‘C(E Oxidative Phosphorylation 157 As with...

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Unformatted text preview: (f ‘C (E Oxidative Phosphorylation 157 As with photophosphorylation, we can examine oxidative phosphorylation in terms of: i) Physiology (architecture) of respiratory chain components. ii) Redox potential of respiratory chain components. .I . . . 0 ”“5“? m) Regulatlon of expressmn of respiratory chain components. ( :31 "WWJ‘WQ rm ll lil“‘fi€~£i§1&%llilmrfl>x {WWW Emma ii u imam: Es mm W . :LPDB $13133 Complex III :1 Overall Physiology of e' transport system: libel Complex} E g l) Primary dehydrogenase complex E ii) Quinone pool . E iii) Terminal reductase complex E E hernebH EE ,1: . i E E i (D it . . E E heme 13L EE - Actual PhySIology. E E EFe-S E E “heme 131 E E :1 x2 EIES l N £WW“ iH 3? l3: 5 ll Vii-i555 ! W74 “.31 Mfg ...
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